Select Invitational Presentations

"America's Resilience Movement: Policy and Application" Earthquake Engineering Research Institute Annual Meeting, San Francisco, California. April, 2016

"Advancing Bay Area Resilience: An Integrated Approach." Natural Hazards Mitigation Association Workshop, Broomfield, Colorado. July 2015

Loma Prieta 25 Policy Conference: Advancing California Resilience. California Seismic Safety Commission, City and County of San Francisco, City Hall. October 9, 2014

“Notes from the Field: Resilience Policy & Application in the San Francisco Bay Area.” Global Forum on Urban and Regional Resilience. Virginia Technical Institute, May 15, 2014

Leveraging Place and Design to Build County Resilience.” Panel Speaker National Association of CountiesResilient Counties Forum-“Growing Stronger Places” Grand Hyatt, San Francisco, CA, May 1, 2014

“Green Infrastructure and Smart Resilient Cities.” Panel speaker on regional resilience practice. Oakland Chamber of Commerce Economic Summit. Oakland, CA, April 15, 2014

“Bay Area Regional Disaster Resilience Initiative.” A.J. Gallagher Public Sector Enterprise Water Issues Symposium. San Francisco, CA, February 2014

“Creating Stronger, More Competitive, More Resilient Communities: The San Francisco Bay Area’s Regional Approach to Resilience-building.” National Association of Counties Premier Corporate Forum. La Jolla, CA, October 4, 2013

“Beyond Disaster Response to Recovery & Resilience.”  Bay Area Planning Directors’ Association. Preservation Park, Oakland, CA, May 31, 2013

“Using Risk Management to Craft a Resilient Future.” National Center for Science Education Conference. Washington, DC, January 2013

“Integrating Disaster Recovery: What Should Long-Term Disaster Recovery Look Like?—A Workshop.” National Academy of Sciences; Disasters Roundtable. Lead committee coordinator. March 2012

“Crafting a Resilient Future: Community Safety in San Francisco. Presentations for the UCSF Departments of Psychiatry and Pediatrics with Global Health Science: A multi-disciplinary symposium: “The Great East Japan Earthquake and Disasters: One Year Later” March, 2012

“Managing the Unexpected” for the ASCIP Community College District Association meeting on disaster resilience and recovery planning. February 2012

“Blazing a New Trail: Linking Business Continuity Planning, Resilience and ERM, City & County of San Francisco for PARMA jurisdictions. December 2011

“School Earthquake and Tsunami Safety in APEC Economies: Reducing Risks and Improving Preparedness. Workshop sponsored by the U.S. State Department and GeoHazards International. Academia Sinica, Chinese Taipei. October 2011 (download slides as pdf)

“Building Disaster Resilience in Urban Regions.” National Academy of Sciences panel from the Disasters Roundtable Committee. World Bank, Washington D.C. February 2011

“Urban Renewal Entities and Disaster Risk Mitigation: A Working Symposium.” Convened by the Gates Foundation and the Affordable Housing Institute. Bogazici/Bosphoros University. Istanbul, Turkey. October 2010 (download slides as pdf)

“Protecting the World’s Most Vulnerable Populations From Earthquakes. Shah Family and J.A. Blume Engineering Center Invitational Lecture. Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA. May 2010

“After the Cameras Have Gone: Rebuilding Sustainable Communities in Haiti after the January 12 Earthquake. University of Massachusetts, Boston. April 2010 (download slides as pdf)

“Resilient American Communities: Progress in Practice and Policy.” Center for Biosecurity, Washington, D.C. December 2009

Global Dialogue on the Recovery from the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake. Chengdu, Sichuan, China. November 2008 (download slides as pdf)

14th World Congress on Earthquake Engineering. Beijing, China. October 2008

100th Anniversary Earthquake Conference on 1906 San Francisco Earthquake. San Francisco, CA. April 2006

Disasters Roundtable. National Academy of Sciences. Washington, D.C. March 2006

Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics Symposium. Hosted by University of California, Berkeley, San Francisco, CA. November 2005

First Conference on Urban Disaster Reduction. Earthquake Engineering Research Institute and Institute of Social Safety Science. Kyoto University. Kobe, Japan. January 2005

United Nations Conference on Disaster Readiness. Kobe, Japan. January 2005